Accommodation and work areas are located in the Old Mine area, one kilometre from the centre of Outokumpu. The Old Mine Residency is operated by the City of Outokumpu.

Who can apply?

Residency can be applied for by individual Finnish and foreign professional artists/researchers as well as artist/researcher groups (working group or organisation with a business ID) for the implementation of the work plan which has been presented in advance.

Individual residency and group residency can be applied for from 2 weeks to 3 months for 1.1. – 31.12.2024. It is also possible to apply for a residency with a small child/family.

What can I apply for a residency for?

You can apply for a residency for artistic and scientific work.

The residency is free of charge for the time being, but the artist/ researcher selected for the residency is required to participate in the daily life of the town/ its residents with their work. In return, activities that resonate with local people are expected (e.g. process presentation: workshop, performance, exhibition, concert, discussion session, open rehearsals, radio play, etc.). The target group can be children, young people, seniors, municipal decision-makers, etc.

The artists themselves are responsible for their travel expenses and their travel arrangements to the residency. Pets are not allowed. The facilities of the residential building are not handicap accessible. The mining area is also not completely handicap accessible.

Individual residency

For each residency period, the aim is to select Finnish and foreign artists, artists/researchers of various disciplines and both young and long-standing artists/researchers.

Group residency

Group residency can be applied for by art/science working groups and organisations with a business ID. We also encourage multidisciplinary projects that combine science and art. Groups with both Finnish and foreign members must select from the group – if possible Finnish – a responsible manager who will fill out the application and act as a contact person.


The application period is 1. – 30.9. As a rule, the application for residency placement is made for the following year. The selection decisions will be made by 31.10.

The online service

Applying for residency is done by sending the application form with attachments from this link » . During the annual application period, the online service is open until the deadline, which changes from year to year. Applications cannot be submitted once the online service is closed. The online application service is open from the 1st to 30th of September until: 23.59 pm Finnish time.


Visit the website to find out about the working spaces in the residency and in your application, tell us which spaces you would prefer to use. Working spaces that must be booked separately are the Kiisu Theatre, Kiisuhalli, Karbidi and Marita Kulttuuritalo.

Selection criteria

Residency is aimed at professional artists/researchers and is intended for artistic/scientific work. Residency can be applied for at the beginning, middle or end of the process. Decision-making is based on peer review. The following are taken into consideration in the selection process:

The content of the work plan and its topicality for the artist.

Suitability of the premises for the work

The impact of the project in the field of art/science internationally/nationally/regionally

What kind of ideas/practices does the project bring to the everyday life of Outokumpu city/residents – what kind of target group does the artistic process want to reach in Outokumpu.

Required attachments to the application:

-A work plan that includes a work sample (e.g., portfolio, your website, link to video or audio recording)


The selection is made specialists from different fields