The residential building is called the engineering office. In the 1970s and 1980s the building served as the office space for the technical mining group.

There are four 12-24 m² rooms and guests have the use of a common kitchen, dining and living area and sanitary facilities (toilets, showers) and laundry facilities. There are also two studios for artists in the building. The rooms have basic furnishings.

The facilities of the residential building are not handicap accessible. The mining area is also not completely handicap accessible.

Working spaces that must be booked separately are the Kiisu Theatre, Kiisuhalli, Karbidi and Marita Kulttuuritalo. Their use is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. During evenings and weekends there are also other users for the premises.

The Kiisu Theatre is in full-time use during December, June, and July. During other months, the Kiisu Theatre is mainly open from 8am to 4pm. The size of the stage is 220 m². The room has an ascending auditorium that seats 220 people. The theatre has a small kitchen and basic lighting. Nb! No theatre lightning or sound equipment.

Marita Cultural Center is located in the center of Outokumpu. Marita’s stage is 45 m². The room has extensive PA and lighting equipment. There are 143 seats. Marita has a small kitchen. Page only in finnish!

Karbidi is 205 m². In the middle of the space there is an open fireplace. Because Karbidi is 10 metres underground, internet access is not possible and telephone networks don’t work.

Kiisu Hall is located in the old pyrite drying house. Kiisuhalli is 17 metres high and nearly 1000 m² in size, and the acoustics of the space are evidenced by a six-second echo. There is no heating in the space.

Other Old Mine premises: The Museum Tunnels, Crushing Room, Mine Tower, Filter Department, Jauhimo Grinding Room, Chapel and Hoisting Room are open to artists. There is no heating, so the premises are cold in the winter. Link to Old Mine web page.

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