Kaivosmiehenpolku 3

83500 Outokumpu


General emergency number: 112

Welcome to Old Mine Residency and Outokumpu!

Congratulations and warmly welcome to our Residency! We hope you will have a rewarding period here!

On the first floor there is

  • Two bedrooms (1 & 2)
  • Public workroom / living room
  • Shower
  • Toilets
  • Washing machine and drying room

On the second floor there is

  • Two bedrooms (3 & 4)
  • Public workroom / living room
  • “Office”
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen

There is also an attic, but it is not in use!

If you have any question during your period, please contact Werne or Jukka:

Markku “Werne” Tanskanen, cultural director +358 505 754 617


Jukka Orenius, wellness director +358 447 559 240


If there are some problems with Residency building, please contact 24/7 caretaker in charge +358 505 677 288


Contact Werne or Jukka at any time!


There is no machine-airing in our house. If it is too hot and you need airing, you may of course open any window, but few mosquitoes might come in summertime. If it is too cold (hope not…), there is central radiator under every window. Turn the valve of radiator clockwise. You may also close the air-valve under the window. There are few extra electric heaters in drying room, feel free to move them to any room.


There are 2 bikes in vestibule. You do not need to keep bikes locked in vestibule but when you leave a bike for example outside a shop, you should lock it. The bicycle must have light when you drive in the dark. You can be fined if you drive without light. The bicycle keys, bicycle lights and their chargers can be found in the kitchen cabinet. Return them immediately after use.


There is a common barbecue-place with firewood in the front of the Residency. Some tourists or local people may also use it.


Automatic fuses are located downstairs and upstairs. If a fuse breaks down, just switch the fuse on.

Hospital and pharmacy

Hospital (Terveysasema) is located two hundred meters from Residency along the Sairaalankatu 8 (big white building right side of the street). Hospital is open from 8am to 4pm from Monday to Friday. From 4pm to 8am and at weekends the closest hospital is in the city of Joensuu.

In case of an emergency, call 112.

Pharmacy in Outokumpu (Apteekki) is in Koulukatu 2.


Nothing unusual, basic household kitchen.

Turn the water on before starting dishwasher.

Portable speakers/ Data projector

Portable speakers and projector are located in the downstairs living area. If you lend them, please return them immediately after use.


Please fill out our digital guestbook on our website! It is very valuable information for us, other visitors and all the people who are interested in who/where/why/what etc. you are doing in the residency 😀

Sign up here: https://oldmineresidency.fi/signup/

(one entry per group/individual artist)


Sauna is in downstairs of the Old Mine info/Tickets building. Sauna is free to use after 4pm during weekdays and all day in weekends. YOU NEED TO SWITCH SAUNA STOVE ON ABOUT ONE HOUR BEFORE HAVING A SAUNA. Make sure that the main door of the sauna building is closed and locked after having a sauna. Ask for advice if needed.

You will find the key to the Sauna from downstairs message board. Please return it to same place as you took it.

Kiisu theater

If you use Kiisu theatre during your period, keys can be obtained from the Old Mine Info near the residence. Key issues will be agreed on a case-by-case basis. If you need audio for Kiisu, bring a portable speaker with a swing from the residence.

Alarm is located on the right side of the inner outer door, next to the door. Turn off the alarm as soon as you enter and put the alarm back on when you exit. You’ll get the alarm code with keys.

Don’t leave food on the tables so we will not get a mouse problem there. Store your food in the refrigerator if you leave it there overnight. When your residence time is over, do not leave any food to Kiisu!

You can use Kiisu theatre in subsequent times:

Check calendar from Kalenteri – Oudonkummun Sirkus and Kiisu notice board. Most of the the day times (8-16) are free for use.

Keep the space clean and do not leave your belongings on the stage, because there are also other users on the space.

Old Mine area

Old Mine area is open:

1.1.-31.5.2020 from 10am to 3pm (tunnel and museum)

1.6.-31.8.2020 from 10am to 5pm (the whole mine area)

1.9.- 31.12.2020 from 10am to 3pm (tunnel and museum)

If You want to visit / use Old Mine area, you need mining passport. You can get it from Old Mine Info when it is open. See the opening hours above.

Take a notice, that in the wintertime snowmaking is done only in the museum area, so you may need warm boots to crawl in the snow.

More information about Old Mine area.

Sheets and towels

You find sheets and towels from downstairs hallway closet. If you use the house sheets and towels, you should wash them when you leave. You can leave them to dry in the laundry rack downstairs.


Organic waste, paper, cardboard

There is a red waste cote near the residency (click here for MAP).

Bottles and cans and batteries

Most bottles and cans can be taken back to shops. You get a receipt which you can give to check-out person in shop. In K-market and S-market there is a box, where You can leave the old batteries

Metals, plastic, glass etc.

For metal, plastic, and glass there is a “waste-centre” about 500 meters from residency, next to the bus station. It is in the left side of the road (big green boxes and some other boxes).

Other wastes

Use plastic-bags (below kitchen sink). When a plastic-bag is full you can take it to a bigger green barrel behind the house. Of course, you can take all wastes (organic etc.) to this barrel if you find it easier. It is still allowed in Finland.

Washing machine with drying

Washing machine is in first floor. Manual is above the machine.


Every week on monday’s public areas in residency. Residency guests need to clean their own rooms and kitchen. Take out the trash at least when leaving the premises to make it comfortable for the next occupant.


Free Wi-Fi: Accommodation, Kiisu Theatre and Cultural Centre Marita.

Some places to visit In Outokumpu

  1. Old mine (Vanha Kaivos), whole area around
  2. Outokumpu nature and wilderness park (Erä ja luontokeskus) 7 km from Residency. There is a nice canoe route and walking path.
  3. Beaches (Särkiselkä), 5 km from our house. It is a perfect trip to make by bikes because there is an own road for bikes whole way through.
  4. Sauna and swimming (=hole in the ice) is located in Kolmikanta Camping Centre 5km from residency (address: Rikkarannantie 51, 83500 Outokumpu). It is open in the wintertime on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 6pm to 8pm. Cost is 3€ by cash. There is no exchange money.
  5. Swimming Hall with sauna is located in the centre (address: Outolamminkatu 1, 83500 Outokumpu). It is open monday-friday from 2.30pm to 7.30pm and Saturdays from 11am to – 5pm


Restaurants in Outokumpu:

  • Kumpu (Asemakatu 1) a typical lunch restaurant (and hotel).
  • Metsähovi (Kummunkatu 14). basic stuff from Finland
  • Pizzeria La Milano (Kummunkatu 11) pizzas and kebabs
  • Pizza Posti (Kummunkatu 24) pizzas and kebabs

All above are located in the mainstream (Kummunkatu).

Shops and banks

Food-shops: All are located in the main street, Kummunkatu (katu means street in English): S-market and K-market. They also sell beer, but other wines etc. can be purchased only from ALKO which is located in same building as K-market.

Post-office (Posti). Is in the S-market

Bakery (Kulma kahvila). Is in Kummunkatu 2.

Bank. If you need bank services, there are two banks: Osuuspankki and S-pankki (in S-market)

Gasoline stations. ABC at the end of the main street (near roundabout), St1 in Kuusjärventie (starting point to Golf –field). In ABC there is also basic food stuff and it´s open from 6 am until 9 pm.

News, events and posts