Slowly melting snow and the constant drip of water from the rooftops created the visual and auditory background of the time in residency. Kiisu theater offered a vast open and echoey space to insert myself and explore. The work took inspiration from the landscape and the quiet energy of the town, feeling the empty spaces carved out of the ”strange hill” from mining days passed. I worked with my trash and especially with the used plastic bags taken from the local supermarket for fruits and vegetables. I tried to understand the meaning and value we place in materials, some more than others. These materials inspired feelings of vulnerability, weightlessness and unexpected beauty.
The time spent at the Old Mine and in Outokumpu brought many unexpected opportunities for exploration and learning. It reinforced the need to stay open and curious to the world around you. Very thankful to everyone at the Old Mine, my housemates, the Riveria dance program and people of Outokumpu. Happy to have have met and shared the dance studio with other dancers in the community. It was valuable for me to learn and experience different ways of working and getting into movement.
The residency concluded with a sharing of the work in progress at Kiisu theater, many thanks to all who came and shared their thoughts. This project is the start of new series of short solo dances concerned with the choices, attitudes and feelings we have towards trash. The work will continue and will be premiered in Reykjavík this summer.
Many thanks! Kiitos Vanha Kaivos!

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About the Author: Katie Hitchcock

Katie Hitchcock (she/her) is a dancer and performer living in Reykjavík, Iceland since 2017. Born in the United States, Katie studied modern dance technique and Dance, Theater and Performing Arts at the University of California, Berkeley. She is part of an active scene of young independent dancers hosting improvisation jams, choreography nights, and classes. Currently she is working on a series of solos exploring human nature and trash.